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Automation and Real-time systems: The development of robust real-time software is a significant task in many automation projects and can gobble up the majority of the project's resources. The time earmarked for the software development part of any project is commonly under-estimated. Robust and well thought out real-time software structure and design is therefore critical to the success of such projects.

AavisPro’s approach has been to develop Technology architecture for such applications so that effort expended in writing conforming modules can be recouped through their reuse in future projects.

Perhaps the most critical component is the operating system and we have over 15 years experience with hard real-time kernels. Conventional computer operating systems such as NT or Unix do not have the depth of reliability or responsiveness for real-world control applications. Our current projects use the LynxOS product, which is fully compliant with the POSIX standards 1003.1a/b/c for real-time applications. We also have expertise in developing solutions on SCADA and PLC systems.

AavisPro has expertise in following areas of Fieldbus, Networks, and Middleware:

  •   Protocol driver for Modbus CanBus, DeviceNet, Profibus
  •   OPC client/server
  •   TCP/IP, embedded web server
  •   XML-OPC, SOAP, http, VoIP, VioIP
  •   Wireless solutions (Bluetooth, Wireless LAN)
  •   Device drivers for ISA, PCI, VME bus

Mobility Solutions Development: With enhanced processing capabilities of PDA’s and growing popularity of Tablet PC’s, we have build credible knowledge and experience in building Mobility (on-the-move) solutions using Industry standard Wireless (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth environments. These mobility solutions incorporate highly robust on-demand connectivity for high performance data exchange with Core Enterprise Applications.

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