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Web Application Development: In today’s world high resource and infrastructure costs, with a web application all you need is a browser and minimal resources to execute your IS solutions. Be it an eNterprise or to automate a core business process of a brick and mortar business, AavisPro can custom develop the right web application.

Information Management Systems: It’s a long and complex chain of processes. We transform highly complex inter & intra departmental processes into easily executable modules with seamless integration to reduce repetition of data and elimination of redundant processes. The client will know exactly the status of a transaction/ process.

eLearning: Knowledge Management is one of the most critical areas for any enterprise, and eLearning techniques have highly enhanced the quality of knowledge retention and dissemination within an organization. We at AavisPro have developed custom eLearning solutions for both services and Manufacturing organizations. Our expertise in Interactive 3D and Virtual Simulations has given us a unique capability to provide high retention visual impacting eLearning solutions.

RemStar eLearning Sample

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